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Niagara1 Club
Explore Niagara click here and find all the goodies in the area. Niagara Towns and cities.
See a really superb view of Niagara Falls from the sky.
Its really moving.!
New to St.Catharines? Think you have seen and tried it all?... well !.... Here's an experience that will bring you back time and time again.....Local or visitor ...Greek food done with perfection in mind. Niagara hospitality at it's best.
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
Bank of Montreal
Meridian Bank
PenFinancial credit Union
Scotia Bank
Toronto Dominion
Royal Bank of Canada
The latest in reasonable and quite luxury living accommodations CLICK HERE TO SEE SOME MORE CONTAINER HOMES
All these buildings are from freight containers. Most using reclaimed materials wherever it was possible...The containers cost approx $ 2500 each
Tel:- 289-723-1185
535 Queenston St, St Catharines
News from FAR and NEAR
Computer Repairs & Upgrades
Feb 2018
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